Ergonomic Assistance

Ergonomic Assistance is required for some of the smaller welders to enhance productivity and provide a safe work environment.  Resistance Spot Welding Sales and Consulting LLC can provide a range of products to achieve these results.

  • TOOL BALANCERS AND POSITIONERS are an essential device that eliminates operator stress which creates a safer work environment. This equipment reduces wear and tear on hoses, cables, tools, and machines. The impact on your bottom line is significant with improved workplace safety, increased productivity, and extended life of expensive equipment. To learn more, visit our tool balancers website, Ergonomic Tool Balancers.


  • CRANES AND BRIDGE RAILS combined with tool balancers and work positions allowed easy movement of guns and accessories.

Tool Balancers

Bridge Rails

"I have worked with Ed Narvaez for over 6 years and it is a privilege to recommend him as the "go-to-guy" for resistance welding solutions.  Even though we do not work at the same company any longer, I am still learning from him as we continue to solicit his consulting advise on projects where his experience is invaluable.  I can state unequivocally that he is a person of great integrity with a wealth of experience in the industry."

Niels Johnson
Industry Sales Manager
Weld Systems Integrators, Inc.
"I have known Edmundo Narvaez and have worked alongside of him for 25 years at LORS Machinery. He is well respected in the resistance welding industry and known to be a true gentleman with integrity.

He helped train me and has an in-depth knowledge of resistance welding and the TECNA product line.   We have an on going relationship and collaborate on many projects where his expertise is needed.  He always puts the customer first in his dealings.  He is a pleasure to work with."

Jim Ferraro, TECNA, USA