Resistance Spot Welding Distributes TECNA Equipment

Resistance Spot Welding Sales and Consulting LLC distributes this quality product manufactured in Italy.  This line includes machines and parts and accessories.  As product manager for this line representing TECNA for 30 years, we are thoroughly versed in TECNA technology and can assess your needs and recommend the right equipment for your operation as well as supporting parts and accessories.  TECNA distributes their products in the United States through distributors and has an office in New Jersey.

TECNA S.p.A., a company situated in Castel S. Pietro Terme (BO) – ITALY, has been working in the field of resistance welding since the beginning of the ’70s.  During these years it has become a well-known company specialized in the production of a vast range of spot and projection welding machines briefly listed hereafter:

  • spot and projection bench welding machines 16-150 kVA
  • single-phase linear action welding machines 35-315 kVA
  • C. three-phase linear action welding machines 100-630 kVA
  • automatic air operated suspended guns with built-in transformer 16-75 kVA
  • production spot guns medium frequency 56-140 kVA, from 16 to 45 kA
  • rocker-arm pedestal spot welders 20-50 kVA
  • modular spot welders: twin spot, rocker arm, linear action

Moreover, TECNA manufactures a line of products which can be considered “accessories” to the resistance welding machines:

  • adaptive and digital welding control units, with microprocessor, ammeter, constant current and standard versions
  • test and measurement instruments for resistance welding machines
  • balancers from 0,4 to 180 kg.

Medium Duty Spot Welding Guns

Inverter Rocker Arm & Press Type Spot Welders

Spot & Projection Press Type Welders

Rocker Arm Spot Welders

"I have known Edmundo Narvaez and have worked alongside of him for 25 years at LORS Machinery. He is well respected in the resistance welding industry and known to be a true gentleman with integrity.

He helped train me and has an in-depth knowledge of resistance welding and the TECNA product line.   We have an on going relationship and collaborate on many projects where his expertise is needed.  He always puts the customer first in his dealings.  He is a pleasure to work with."

Jim Ferraro, TECNA, USA

"I have worked with Ed Narvaez for over 6 years and it is a privilege to recommend him as the "go-to-guy" for resistance welding solutions.  Even though we do not work at the same company any longer, I am still learning from him as we continue to solicit his consulting advise on projects where his experience is invaluable.  I can state unequivocally that he is a person of great integrity with a wealth of experience in the industry."

Niels Johnson
Industry Sales Manager
Weld Systems Integrators, Inc.